Memorial Garden on Labor Day Weekend 2021

Sunflower unfurling
Sunflower with Wild Grasses
Sunflower with Morning Glories, begonias and grasses
Morning Glories on their trellis close up
Flower with garden native plants Portrait Zoom Out with blue skies
Begonias Rainbow in Window Box
Morning Glories blooming rear view
Rainbow begonias in a pot near the porch rail
Begonias pot
Overview with pond and willow
Ground pot
Zoom out
Morning Glories vining high and blooming
Flowers finding the light
Dahlia close up
Zoom out
Front view of Morning Glories trellis in bloom
Morning Glory and sunflower close up
Volunteer Pansy close up
Begonias and herb pot
Ferns and grass pots
Marigolds and begonias
Window boxes with Marigolds and Begonias
Porch vining and pots zoom out

3 replies to “Memorial Garden on Labor Day Weekend 2021

      1. Very true, Miss! I’ve been seeing more squirrels of late.
        Just done some gardening – mowed the lawn and clipped the smallest of our hedges.
        Tired now, but pleased.

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