Last Days of Summer September 11, 2021

Memorial Terrace Garden Porch View
Begonias and Willow view
Morning Glories beginning seed pods
Same view Earlier in the week transitioning into Fall
High winds moving the sunflower from side to side earlier this week. Flowers find a way to survive
Newly opened Sunflower found while watering pots today
The big sunflower resting on the the morning glories
Morning Glories growing out of the duck nest.
Begonias with morning glory vines started small but blooming now
Begonias have a sweet smell.
Rainbow begonias in the window box planter
More begonias below the duck nest pot
View from the ground.
View of the porch from the ground straight up
Marigolds many colors
Another pot of marigolds
Some little violets volunteering out of the rocks
White begonias in a window box
Grasses, ferns and red begonias with a shrub the bees love in the Spring
Most of the purple flowers are gone with cooler nights
Dahlias last bloom cooler nights taking a toll sunflower straight and tall beginning to bloom
Talk sunflower that survived the wind stable with a long stem an beautiful bloom capturing the sun
Same flower from earlier this week bouncing in the wind

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