Fall 2016 from Minnesota and Wisconsin

My Terrace Garden and trip photos from Minneapolis and a car trip across Wisconsin.  Enjoy the beauty of the season.

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2 replies to “Fall 2016 from Minnesota and Wisconsin

  1. Such heartwarming Autumn pictures from a gal with an eye for color & shape! It’s hard to pick a favorite; however, the bush with blue berries and the photo of the Autumn leaves on colored stones would make great portraits in any house. Magnificent, as usual! I’m sure you enjoyed taking them as much as we enjoy admiring them!

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    1. Thanks much, Sally for the beautiful compliments and the lovely card and key ring – just what I needed to get me back into the grove walking around the neighborhood. I appreciate your friendship and support. You friend, Missy – all my best to Ranger too. P.S. Any pictures you find on my website are taken by me so feel free to make a print for your house for you and Ranger to enjoy. I’m pleased you liked them. I enjoy finding the beauty all around me.


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