Winter 2022-2023 Minneapolis Minnesota

Early December Night 2022
Early December 2022 Day
Same Day Same Time Different Angle
Later Same Day Deeper Shadows
Shadow Shows the Ice on the Pond
Focus on the Blue Sky
First Snowstorm To Stick Moving Toward Mid-Month
Bringing in the Tree
Night View
Pull Back
Next Day Sunshine and Blue Skies
Focus on the Willow
New View from the Terrace Perspective
View from the ground outside my apartment
Different Angle Bigger Picture
Ground Perspective of the View From my Apartment
Shifted to Looking up to the Sky
New Angle
Sun Setting
Snowstorm End of December
Snowstorm January 2023
Snow Scene January 10 2023 in Shoreview Minnesota
Change in Angle and Exposure
Clinging Snow
Plowed Snow on the Side Street
Perspective with back of my SUV
Back Street View
Exposure Change with Headlights On

2 replies to “Winter 2022-2023 Minneapolis Minnesota

    1. Thanks, Linds. I enjoyed finding winter scenes to share. The snow clings to the trees like a white moss. We’ve had some melting recently. It helps is we get a gradual melt versus all at once in the Spring.


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