Memorial Garden in Late August, 2021

Bee 🐝 enjoying the flowers
Bee 🐝 taking us on a tour of the garden
Bee 🐝 in flight

Rainbow of begonias
Duck nest in full bloom
Begonias beautiful and hearty
Layered pots with volunteer morning glories in miniature
Big Pot with Native Plants mixed in
Bee 🐝 perspective
Willow and pond fountain
Overall Memorial Garden as seen from the ground
Detail view of Dahlia with Marigolds
Dahlia close up
Sunflower close up with Marigolds
A new Angle
Layered ground pots
Color variety
Morning Glories Climbing and find a Way through Storms and Punishing Sunshine.
Sunflowers up Close up. Note the one just up and to the right of the blooming flower. This one will have a bigger flower still budding now
Sunflower and Wild Grass with Native plants and Morning Glory
Morning Glories Close up
Morning glories Close up from Another Angle
Ferns and Grasses and shrub

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