Bike Trail – Storm Damage Along the Minneapolis Diagonal Trail – July 21, 2019

Hi All,

Sunny bike ride this morning – 70 F with 73% humidity. My overall average speed was 5.1 miles an hour and average heart rate 103 bpm. I covered 5.07 miles. Total time 59:23 minutes. I had fun and kept the meter running on my watches even during breaks this time.

I thought my ride was going to be a short one – I saw tree leaves on the main trail. As a I got closer I realized they were down trees that left enough room to walk through so I was able to walk my bike through the breaks. There were some down trees in the cemetery too and I found a little creature on my handle bars so I took some pictures and helped it find a tree to climb.

Here are some pictures from my morning bike ride:

Stick Inchworm

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