April 1st Spring 2017 Walk Around Autumn Woods Minneapolis Minnesota

Here are some pictures from my April 1st walk around Autumn Woods – my neighborhood in Minneapolis Minnesota.

iPhone 5 looking through binoculars. Practice makes perfect but I like the soft focus so it made the keep picture list.
2nd try at binoculars aiding the iPhone 5 lense – you can see the round arpiture of the binoculars in this picture – no cropping.
First Robin I’ve seen for 2017. I tried to get the aide of my binoculars but I just couldn’t focus that tight from across the parking lot drive – but you can se the proud why he perches – upright shouting his song to the sky.
Mallard pair resting in the afternoon sun just outside my Apartment window.
Squirrel and Mallard sharing droppings from the bird feeder.

2 replies to “April 1st Spring 2017 Walk Around Autumn Woods Minneapolis Minnesota

    1. Thanks, Lindsay. I enjoy taking pictures of wildlife and birds are my favorite. I have a binocular attachment to try out with my iPhone next time I get out to walk. We have a blue jay too that also sits up strait and calls to the sky. I hope all is going well with you and yours.

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