North Mississippi Regional Park Early Birding Event

Evidence of Beaver activity in the area.
Former rookery for Great Blue Heron until tornado damaged the trees they nest further downstream now.
Paths are easy to walk and the park entrance is right off the freeway.
View of downtown Minneapolis skyline from the park path.
Interesting wear on this tree – up very high so not from deer.
Storm damaged trees now in the river near the island now owned by Canadian Geese.
Mallard and his mate by some storm water run off pollution.
Running water from storm drains tributary under a wooden foot bridge.
Off ramp bridge from Interstate 94.
Sign by an old spot used for putting boats in the water – looks pretty unused now.
Canadian Geese swimming strong against the mighty Mississippi current.
View of the sky through the trees.
Bridge crossing the. River. Cement footings.

Happy Saturday, All,

My friend and I got together to attend a free Early Birding event at this link:

The event that I captured in pictures on this blog entry is over but you can find more coming in March and this coming summer.  Register and get on the email newsletter and get out on the trail.

We saw a nuthatch, Canadian geese, mallards and we heard Chickadees too.  We saw a bald eagle soaring over head too but I didn’t have time to snap a picture.

There’s lots of prairie to see when the weather is warmer and the trees are budding.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and get a chance to see some parks near you soon.

Below describes the camera I used to take the pictures I’m sharing today.  Also, the park staff had binoculars – Nikon and I brought mine along – smaller but fun to use all the same.  It takes time to learn how to keep the bird in your sight and focus your binoculars so start early so you don’t miss any chances to zoom in on wildlife later in the summer.

Many thanks to Tim, our guide, for insights into birding and how the area has evolved over time.

iPhone 6 with lense attachment taken 3/4/17 at North Mississippi Regional Park Early Birding Event.


Melissa Blanchard

Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Public Programs

Early Birding
Saturday, March 4th 9-10:30am
Join us for a morning of bird watching. We’ll hike through the park while keeping our eyes and ears open for our feathered friends. Dress for the weather. Binoculars provided if needed. FREE for All ages. Activity #74411

Hike: Spring Ephemerals
Sunday, March 19th 1:30-3pm
Welcome the beginning of spring by going in search of the earliest blooms of the season. Find out more about these fast blooming, short lasting (ephemeral) perennials with a naturalist guide. Hike through our woods and try to hunt down these low to the ground hidden wonders! FREE for All ages. Activity #74412

Outdoors: Bird Signs of Spring
Saturday March 25th 1-2:30pm
With a change in weather comes a change in activity. Discover the early spring activities of our local birds by seeking out their signs of the season! Join us along the Mississippi River flyway as we watch for fishing eagles, early nesting birds and the return of waterfowl. FREE for all ages. Activity #74413

Full Day Spring Break Programs

Keep your kids active and learning!

Predator vs. Prey
Wednesday, March 15th 8am-4pm Ages 6-12
Find out how animals battle for survival. Learn about food chains and animal adaptations by looking at skulls, furs and more! Then take your knowledge on the trails by looking for animal signs and playing survival games! Registration Fee $20. Activity #774414

Nature Detectives
Thursday, March 16th 8am-4pm Ages 6-12
Follow tracks, scat and other wild signs. Use tools such as binoculars and magnifying glasses to learn how to become the ultimate nature sleuth! Test your skills off trail and solve creature sign investigations. Registration Fee $20. Activity #774415

Leprechaun Secrets
Friday, March 17th 8am-4pm Ages 6-12
Learn the best kept tricks of the forest. Do you know the tricks plants and animals use to thrive in the wild? Then, come learn the ways of the woods! Test your own survival skills with fort building, animal tracking, identifying edible plants, and more! Registration Fee $20. Activity #774416

Expert of the Dirt
Friday, March 31st 8am-4pm Ages 6-12
Do you love to get messy head to toe playing in the dirt? Then, join us in discovery! Find out what dirt is made from, why it’s important and how fun it is to build with. We’ll explore to seek out soils, decomposers, and animals living under the ground. Registration Fee $20. Activity #774417
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