Duck and Eagle Nest Highlights Mid-April, 2021

Morning Sun at Duck Nest at least 2 Eggs Spotted.
Morning Sun Yesterday 4-17-21
Drakes across the pond a few feet from Duck Nest
Yesterday 4-17-21 Duck Leaving Nest in search of food
Duck on the Nest 4-17-18
Pond a few feet from Duck Nest on the Terrace.
Zoom In the sound of water on the videos of Duck Nest
From End of March to compare with Size today Careful Nurturing Has Positive Results
Mother Eagle Walks Around the Nest to Demonstrate Walking for the Eaglets growing fast. Photos of Eagle Nest from this link
Babies discovering their feet
Morning Sunshine Eaglet able to stand upright longer now.
Mother joining the Nest Baby checking out the view
Eagle communications
Cardinal Song Near the Eagle Nest
Eagle Call.

Take some time to watch the

The Duck Nest videos come from my Blink web cam installed near the flower pot where the mallards choose to nest. Comments are welcome. May you find renewing an healing moments while viewing wildlife cams.

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  1. Wow! Eagrets have got much bigger!!Linds xx Lindsay Townsend, historical romance:at or follow me onTwitter @lindsayromantic

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