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End of March 2021 Picture Highlights

Shoreview Minnesota Redwing Black birds, cardinals, mourning doves, and chickadees all singing.
Mallard ducks arriving
Nest prep begins
Duck on the terrace first sighting.
Canadian goose on the terrace
First Minnesota DNR Nest Cam hatchling
Parents looking out for their Eaglet
Built in rain coat. Keeping the eaglet and egg warm and dry.


Follow the above link to get a birds eye view of the Eagle Cam. I have a duck cam that I hope to have pictures from soon from my terrace. Happy yard planting and nature watching everyone one.

About Miss

Enjoy working with everything related to computers. I have wanted to work with computers as a tool for Health Care since I was in High School and now I'm living the dream. My first love has always been reading. I was a regular at the Spring Valley Library reading all things romance. "This Rough Magic" by Mary Stewart was the first story I became lost in. Now my favorite author is Nora Roberts with my second love J.D. Robb. This blog is to celebrate the great stories, authors and readers that make up romance and mystery in literature today.


2 thoughts on “End of March 2021 Picture Highlights

  1. Love the eagle photos, Miss!
    The trees round your way have that spring-time, expectant look. Ours over here in the UK are the same.
    Thanks so uch for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by lindsaytownsend | March 28, 2021, 12:13 pm

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