Hope from my Garden to You Summer 2020

Hi All,

I hope this note finds all doing well and finding means of expression in this time of staying home. My garden has been a an outlet – I bought a few plants from garden centers nearby with my mask on.

I had invested in pots and soil a few years ago so it’s just a matter of harvesting seeds from the Morning Glories, looking to my supply of sunflower seeds and digging holes big enough for seeks and plants alike.

The pots have drainage and Miracle Grow soil for the most part. I have added some wood chips to hold moisture on the top level along with some seed planting soil – very light and easy for seeds to get started. Make sure to give all the new plants and seeds plenty of water when first planted.

I wait until the trees start to leaf out and bloom before I plant anything in my pots. The soil has to be warm for seeds to germinate so the sun has to be able to reach 1/2 inch to an inch into the ground before the seeds will sprout. First I plant the seedlings and starter plants from the garden centers and let them take hold. About a week or so later I plant the seeds. They usually start sprouting within a week or 2 depending on the how much sunshine is available. Don’t give up hope on the seeds they come when they are ready just keep checking.

Sometimes I need to thin out the seedlings and give them a better place to vine – this is especially true for the Morning Glories. The sunflower seeds just need to be planted carefully – too many and it’s hard to thin them out.

I tried a Mandevilla vining and flowering plant this year in my biggest pot with the most sun.

Mandevilla when I first planted May 19th, 2020 in Minneapolis MN – note flowering tree is blooming in the background.
Mandevilla July 10th, 2020 with Morning Glory Vine on the right, Sunflower on the left and native plants in the center. The Mandevilla vine is growing up the poles and finding a hanging pot where my terrace meet the next floor terrace.

I also planted several Impatience plants some flower and some just with promise.

May 19th, 2020 Impatient Plant
Impatients blooming with the sunflowers coming in from July 10, 2020 photo taking adventure.
May 23rd planting
July 8th – full flowers and growing tall
Duck nesting pot from the ground on May 9th
May 23rd Nesting Pot
June 27th 2nd nesting and temps much higher now – I found out ducks pant to cool off.
June 28th hatchlings leaving the nesting pot – this is the second hatching of the Spring/Summer nesting
July 8th – in the duck’s nesting pot with flower blooming and morning glories starting their vining.
July 8th Big and Little flower pots longer view
July 10th long view of the ground flowers
July 10th long view on ground garden
Long view ground garden – bees 🐝 and monarch butterflies 🦋 the bush and 🌺 July 10th
July 10th ground garden view with peony in lower left corner – flowering bush and 2 impatient pots all loved by ants, bees, butterflies and beetles. I enjoy gardens and the hope they bring. Enjoy

4 replies to “Hope from my Garden to You Summer 2020

    1. Thanks much, Linds. It’s fun to share gardening tips and the beauty of the growing experience. Your friend, Miss thanks also for leaving your comments and supporting my website.


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