2020 Memorial Terrace Garden Progression

Hi All – It’s a beautiful day in Minneapolis. The Memorial Terrace Garden is blooming and enjoying the rain and sun. The Peony has bloomed. It opens in the day and closes with the sunset. Here’s the highlights as of June 7th, 2020.

Fully Open Peony Blossom waiting for pollination.
Same blossom at the beginning
Beginning to bloom
Nearing Full Bloom
Vining flower
Fern and moss with other volunteer local plants. Sunflower seedling too.
Impatient and Sunflower Seedlings

8 replies to “2020 Memorial Terrace Garden Progression

  1. Terrific color!💖 Everything is so nice this early in the Summer; I cannot wait to see how they progress the next couple of hot months!

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  2. Lovely Miss! Liked and left a comment.We call impatiens busy lizzies over here.Linds xx Lindsay Townsend, historical romance:at lindsaytownsend.co.uk or follow me onTwitter @lindsayromantic

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