Early September 2019 Biking and Terrace Garden

Fall is just around the corner and the wild flowers making their last bid for September sun. Along with my begonias, sunflowers, morning glories and my violet hybrid blooms. I hope you enjoy the colors of September. These pictures span several weeks so you can see the progression of their growing season most recent on the top.

Sunflower on growing in a Terrace Garden Pot

Silhouette of Bird Feeding it’s Babies In my Memorial Terrace Garden

2 replies to “Early September 2019 Biking and Terrace Garden

  1. These are truly memorable! I love all of your past photos, but this set is truly artistic. I mean that. You have such an artistic eye! The final silhouette picture capturing a mother bird feeding her babies is perfection. I am saving it in my photo library; I hope you don’t mind.


    1. Thanks much, Sally. I’m glad you found some magic in my photos – I strive to catch special moments and I appreciate you letting me know I succeeded. You’re welcome to any pictures you find special. You friend, Miss


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