Happy Mother’s Day All Especially those in Heaven


I remember my Mom & Grandmothers along with other loved ones with my Memorial Terrace Garden. There’s always hope in Spring and gardening helps me remember to always look for signs of new life.

Here’s pictures of my 2019 pot plantings with some grass seed too for the patching in the shade. I put some extra down for the birds to have some too. Also some seeds planted in starter pots best way to plant sunflower seeds is by the seeds. Begonias I buy as small plants. I plant morning glories from last year’s seeds on the old plant vines. Leaving the vines & sunflower stalks appears as habitat to duck, geese, birds and bunnies.

Geese checking me out while I check on them

Weeping Willow with the fountain in the pond across the sidewalk from my garden

View from my terrace garden with geese seeing if they can find nesting spots here.

Low light flowers with begonias around the edges. Early days we’ll see how everyone gets along.

Begonias in my hanging pot. They don’t mind being crowded. They like partial to shady areas too. Easy to keep watered too

Begonias & morning glory seeds planted here.

Broader view of the garden area
Here’s the shade grass seed helps to stabilize soil & beautify

Pollinators love this bush. Slow to start but grows in quite well in the partial to mainly shaded conditions.

Moss in this little pot made it through the winter outside & first to green up after the snow melt. Bush nearby is great for pollinators
Native ferns around wild flower seedlings just starting the growing season.
Native plants in this pot
Low shade bush
Shade flowering bush with native grass.

Pot looks bare but will have many sunflowers later in the summer.

Weeping Willow lovely tree by the water next to my terrace garden.

Coral pink peony coming back after the long winter

Mallard duck nesting in the blue pot on my terrace. I’ll plant there after ducklings are hatched.
Bunny nest under the terrace

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