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First Snow Fall 2018 and Changing Leaves

October 14th, 2018

Hi From Minneapolis, Minnesota,

Cold mornings this week. My warm weather gear has been working for my morning bike rides. My all weather tires arrived so I’ll put them on the bike for better traction soon. For now the better tread I put on for the back wheel is working well.

Here’s some pictures from my week outside and from my apartment window.

First snow collecting on the grass and leaves

Snow is falling in these pictures – the little white specs – always a challenge to capture snow without video.

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Enjoy working with everything related to computers. I have wanted to work with computers as a tool for Health Care since I was in High School and now I'm living the dream. My first love has always been reading. I was a regular at the Spring Valley Library reading all things romance. "This Rough Magic" by Mary Stewart was the first story I became lost in. Now my favorite author is Nora Roberts with my second love J.D. Robb. This blog is to celebrate the great stories, authors and readers that make up romance and mystery in literature today.


2 thoughts on “First Snow Fall 2018 and Changing Leaves

  1. Beautiful colours of nature, Miss, and well done for catching the first snows – did you make a wish? I always do with first of anything – first strawberry of summer, first autumn raspberry, first frost.
    Well done on catching the snowflakes!
    Linds xx


    Posted by lindsaytownsend | October 15, 2018, 6:59 am

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