Fort Snelling State Park August 1st, 2017 Walk Pictures

Hi All,
I enjoy Fort Snelling State Park walking paths. Today I went on the trail where the planes fly over – so close you could almost reach out and touch them.
The airport commission restored the wetlands so its only fair that the aircraft are a big part of the Fort Snelling Hiking experience. The habitat is worth the noise and the vantage point is amazing. The flowers, butterflies and bees were fun to see and I heard many birds but saw a few too. I've got a bird guide for state parks so I'll start looking them up – they don't always stay still long enough for a picture. Enjoy you local parks – they are sanctuaries for the wildlife.

5 replies to “Fort Snelling State Park August 1st, 2017 Walk Pictures

    1. Hi Linds, I would love to have you and Al along too. I enjoy sharing my walk pictures – each one is created because I feel the need to share the scene with a friend. Enjoy your day. Your friend, Miss.


  1. Another set of terrific captures..from land to air! It was easy to pick a favorite: the path with bending trees💚🌲💚 #roadlesstravelled
    I screenshot it immediately.

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    1. Thanks much, Sally. Its always good to hear from you and Ranger:). I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and found a favorite. I’ll send you the original via Twitter message feel free to use however you like. Your friend, Miss


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