July 16 Garden and Walking Pictures from Minneapolis Minnesota

Hi All,

Thanks for stopping by to see some of the moments I wanted to share as I journey through life.  I hope you find beauty wherever you go and take to the time to share when you can.  Enjoy.  I hope the Diagonal Trail will be designated as a regional park – it brings nature to those of us that live in the inner city and habitat to wild life.  

4 replies to “July 16 Garden and Walking Pictures from Minneapolis Minnesota

  1. Super trail. Great use of an old railway line. These can be real corridors for wildlife and green spaces for people. Thanks so much for sharing.

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    1. I agree – I’m going to do all I can to keep Hennepin county in the mindset of keeping the bike and walk path rather than trying to build transit to nowhere. Peace.


  2. If you ever need a lift in life and want to remember all the beauty out there, just come to Missy’s blog. She has that unique perspective that captures the simple things in life and makes you appreciate all that is around you.

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    1. Thanks for the endorsement Sally. I find your tweets about Ranger to be special and a chance for people that can’t have pets feel a little of the love from a pet. You’re a special lady and I’m glad to have met you on twitter via common interests in gardening and love of animals. Peace and enjoy your day.


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