An Opportunity To Help Out a Friend

Dear Friends,

A funny thing happened when I came home. A little sparrow was sitting by the out side door. The mate was trying to get it to fly away with him but it didn’t move. I put on my gloves to check it & it perched on my finger & closed its eyes. It rested for a while & got a better grip on my finger then I sat it on my deck so I could move my bag in my apartment. It was sitting there where I left it. I walked over to it & held out my hand in front of its head. It looked at me & then flew away. I think it was stunned. I’m glad I checked out the window since some kids were running on the sidewalk & might not have seen her. It was a happy ending. I didn’t think of getting a picture until later but some things are just for you. His eye is on the sparrow & I thank God He’s watching me. Peace everyone.

The pair came back and I was able to get a couple of pictures of them.  They inspired me to take a walk around Autumn Woods, so I bundled up and I got some pictures of robins and a cardinal and a few of the mallards.  I also found another new bloom on my Christmas cactus.  Enjoy the early evening views in Minneapolis MN.

Here’s where I found the little bird in need of a hand up.


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