Bike Trail and Downtown Minneapolis Pictures

Hi All,

Today I finished 5 miles in 51 minutes average miles per hour 5.8 bike ride. It was a sunny day at 74 F 64% humidity. Beautiful biking weather.

My next adventure was picking up my table for the computer from Wayfair. I had them ship it to the Fed Ex office at 80th St downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1st floor of the IDS building. Now comes the adventure. I found street parking ok but the store not as easy – it was in the Marquette bank building. The IDS tower is under construction along with a lot of the streets around the building so after some walking and asking questions I found the lobby of building and when I was looking for a spot to sit down I saw the sign for the Fed Ex store.

Now the adjustable desk was fairly heavy so I the clerk there suggested I bring my car over to the front of the store and they would help me out getting it to the car. I was thankful for that so I signed for the package and they held it while I made my way back to the car. Finding the street was a little like traveling through a maze but I kept the IDS in sight and eventually found the one road that allowed for local business traffic, a one way, so I had to pick it up in the right spot and allow for blocked roads to get to the under construction entrance of the IDS building. It worked for local traffic so I was able to weave through the barriers to park temporarily and the clerk carried my package to my car.

I’m thankful for all the friendly people I met on this trip. It wasn’t easy but I enjoyed the sites and will share the highlights of both my Bike ride and the area around the IDS building in downtown Minneapolis.

Me after my 5 mile bike ride this morning enjoying the shade by home

People Enjoying the Mary Tyler Moore Statue on Nicolette Mall Downtown Minneapolis Minnesota

IDS Tower Minneapolis Minnesota Downtown

5 replies to “Bike Trail and Downtown Minneapolis Pictures

    1. I agree, Linds. Thanks, I’m glad to have missed the heat wave with my activities yesterday. Wouldn’t have been possible today. 89F here with very High to very high UV Index 7 to 8 on that scale. Flowers & greenery enjoying the sunshine though as long as I keep them watered.


    1. Yes, very refreshing ride. Minneapolis has a great skyline with chairs downtown on the sidewalk to highlight viewing the skyscrapers. A lovely afternoon walk when the weather is good.


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