Memorial Garden In The Morning Before Memorial Day

Hi All,

I was able to get my morning glory seeds planted and took some aerial views of all the pots from the terrace with some pictures of the apartment complex landscaping.

My garden is designed to be habitat for the wildlife that comes to visit this populated area. A safe place to nest for birds, ducks & rabbits. It’s not always appealing to everyone but to me it means hope that even in a metropolis location like Minneapolis there’s a place for wildlife too.

Keep on believing that there’s hope in the Spring. I wish all find peace & comfort tomorrow as we celebrate the lives of all those we’ve lost. A special prayer for all that lost loved ones to battles or peace keeping engagements.

Clouds with pink highlights


Willow is leafing out well
Beautiful greens blues & sand colors all you need for an excellent painting.

Blue sky & clouds covers my portion of the world

Begonias have some sunflower seedlings too

Seedling starter containers for sunflower plants in the view

3 more duck eggs in the nest
New wild flower seedlings

Sunflower seedlings coming up well for the song birds & pollinators
Overhead view of peony & bush here when I moved in bees love this bush

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