Garden and Neighborhood Pictures Fall is Here

Hi All,

Fall is with us now. The sky is what I call a September blue today – very rich and deep in the morning.

I’m getting ready for heating season – changing the furnace filter and vacuuming in all the corners. I got some herbs that deter mice from seeking my apartment as a nice winter vacation from the wilds of the trees in the neighborhood and some steel wire to stuff in any small openings they may try to utilize around the base boards. I’m hoping not to have to use the stick traps but if I do, I assure the mice are dead before I throw out the used ones – I don’t like using them but I don’t want to get sick from mice droppings either so I try to deter as much as possible. I have tried every version of humane trap I could find but the mice learn how to get the bait and not spring the trap, they are very intelligent.  Use the flat sticky boards right along their trail – they don’t see it until they run onto it, not my first choice but whatever works to keep me working that’s what I’ll use.

Here’s some pictures from my biking and hiking from the past week and this weekend, enjoy.

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