Happy Saturday – 70 F in Minneapolis Today


I hope this post finds everyone well and finding the sunshine even on a cloudy day.

I’ve finished planting my terrace garden now after the mallard duck had 6 eggs hatch in one of my terrace pots. In the nest pot there was one Morning Glory plant started all on its own from last years seed pods.

A crow came later and cleaned out the egg shells – ducks and crows biggest animals to visit my terrace.

Here’s a wide shot from the ground up to my terrace. It was a long way to the ground for the ducklings but they made it.

Mother duck had them across the pond from the bank so this is a long zoom shot with my iPhone 7 Plus.

Here’s some pictures from the flowers in the pots and on the ground by my terrace from the last few weeks.

I got this peon from Aspelund Winery not far from where I live in Minneapolis MN.

I planted it in a small spot with little sunshine but the bush gets bigger every year. This is its 3rd year.

Another bud is forming behind by the red pot – that one has a sunflower seed planted with big hopes.

Here’s my Sunflower seed pots as they progress from seeds for the birds, bees and butterflies.

Now for the Morning Glories and their progress for 2018:

Here’s the Begonias

Volunteer Petunias and I planted some seeds for these today so hoping they germinate ok.

I’m trying some Hydrangea shrubs in pots this year to see how they do.

I’ll keep posting all summer my flower garden’s progress. Along with all the animals I see along the way.

6 new ducklings by the cement for the heated pool hard to see but they’re there with Mom and Dad Mallard ducks.

Turkey out and about during the April snow storm.

Robin visiting while I was taking pictures of the ducklings.

Happy Saturday, everyone.

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