Walk Pictures from Last Week (August 13 – 18) in Minneapolis MN

Hi All,

On Sunday I walked close to home at Windom Park & Northeast Park in Minneapolis Minnesota. Here's some highlights:

I found a special walking trail on Tuesday at Shoreview Minnesota address Snail Lake Road, Harbor Lane, Highway 96 W, Cumberland Court, and Harbor Court.

Here's some highlights:

On Wednesday – Friday I found a few pictures to share from my Stinson Blvd walks during work breaks.

2 replies to “Walk Pictures from Last Week (August 13 – 18) in Minneapolis MN

  1. As I view each picture, my first thought is what a terrific calendar you could make! There is such a diversity of images, it would be easy to assign them to all the months of the year. Well done & keep them coming!

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    1. Thanks much, Sally. Its always good to hear from you. I hope all is going well with your garden and with Ranger. I planted those bean seeds you sent me and they are coming up and vining now. They aren’t getting much light so they are small leaves but beautiful. I’ll share a picture of them on twitter. There’s so much beautiful in the world, I’m happy for the chance to share some of my favorites with my friends. Your friend, Miss


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